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Lipstick quality reasonable price

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  • 10/09/2017

Lipsticks from the commercial world limited to just under 400 thousand quality too great for girls who want to own

1. KIKO.

My Pham Professional Brand from Italy possible new RO in Vietnam recently but again speak out in the European Area Da Lau. KIKO is dubbed the "MAC of Italy" and there are many piles to talk about the quality of this brand. Here are some samples of Kiko:

  • KIKO Velvet Mat 

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 12.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 13.

The most popular sonic KIKO in Vietnam is the Velvet Mat. At the price of 320,000 VND, KIKO Velvet Mat owns the yellow metal shell is very fancy and luxurious. Not only has the color palette a total of 15 grams, ranging from nude to red, pink, purple, this lipstick also has a remarkable lip gloss. The majority of users commented that Velvet Mat's lipstick was smooth, with slight lips, no wrinkles on the lips and no dry lips. Someone also said that KIKO Velvet Mat is a soft dupe version of Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 14.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 15.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 16.

  • KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy 

Another representative from KIKO is doing so much to know how many Vietnamese girlfriend, that is the lipstick Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick. The first thing to say about this lipstick is that the design is extremely modern, fancy with two shades of gray - gold metal with gold and buttons on the top of the lip. The appearance of the shade of this lipstick makes many people think that it must be very expensive and can not be priced below 400,000 VND.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 17.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 18.

Son Gossamer Emotion is up to 30 different colors divided into three main groups: nude, red and pink. Just like the word "creamy" in the name, this lipstick has satin smooth smooth like butter but not much ball but blunt. The special lipstick glides on extremely smooth lips but comes in very good colors inferior to the stamens. The ability to color standard with a combination of lip balm that makes the lips become fuller and fuller, and this is one of the things that make the devotee beautify KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 19.

Thêm 5 thỏi son lì giá dưới 400 ngàn VNĐ con gái chẳng ngại móc hầu bao vì chất lượng quá tuyệt - Ảnh 20.



KIKO MILANO introduces a line of Limited Edition lipstick with precious metal effect - for a noble, attractive look.

12 shades of soft texture and cream for a modern sophistication.

The new lipstick in metallic style makes you want to venture out with a daring finish with brilliant colors creating a new space.

Thanks to its light and comfortable formula with high pigment content, superconducting texture makes the lips special in color.

Metal lipsticks can be combined with loose glitter for the face and body "Glitter Loose" for a make-up, marked by "Glitter & Metal".

KIKO MILANO presents new makeup trends: soft to the face and body.

Bring your glow with a glittering sparkle or bring it on your cheek, mask or body to create seductive effects and highlights: a unique jewel for your summer.

Available in 4 colors with sparkling metal finish.


     2. Astor Cosmetics

ASTOR offers products that are the perfect combination of color, care, comfort and durability. The secret is that the integrated primer smooths the surface of the lips and ensures a durable lip color without leaking. The excellent lipstick gives everything women desires from their lipstick. Simply great!


Color depth: The maximum color pigment provides brilliant color with high opacity in a single application.
Initial Care: Rich formula moisturizes and moisturizes the lips soft and soft
Integrated Primer: Speed, soothe and maintain long lasting results without leaking lip color
Delivers all day comfort: The creamy texture of the cream gives a comfortable feeling to wear
Long stay: Color results intense for hours

Choose your favorite color
The unique formula combines all the qualities that women desire from their lipstick: intense color, long-lasting hydration and long-lasting comfort. The primers are integrated, smooth and ensure a durable lip color without leaking. Choose from 13 shades of color ranging from nude to fresh pink to classic red - so each Fabulous Woman makes sure your lips are the one you love.

"Astor simply delivers everything a woman wants: intense color, care, comfort and long-lasting, it's high in color, moisturizes and lasts thanks to the integrated primer!"

3. Manhattan Cosmetics


Last but not least, Manhattan is also launching a new product that incorporates all the features of their lipstick beauties: intense color, soft texture, vitamins A, C & E Complex, SPF 20 and a More freshness. Now discover new color innovations - and dip your lips into a choice of twelve exciting colors.

In the trendy color palette of twelve intense tones is something for everyone: the subtle Nude on the glossy pink and Fuchsiatöne, the seductive red to the rich berry tones and the delicate Coral color. . The appearance of Edgy with Pink Chic. Makes lips sexy with 940 Glam Plum? Or quite subtle with a subtle caramel tone like # 200 Cream Nude? With the rich selection of trendy colors, it never becomes boring. Get ready for a burst of color and high humidity.

Manhattan is well-known as a leader in cosmetics and housekeeper, continuously introducing new products to the market, gaining customer appreciation and satisfaction.
4. Essence Cosmetics

With essence products, Essence sets its own trends. Their products with excellent quality at exceptionally favorable prices, allow you to retry and again look new. Creative products, the hottest colors of the season and high quality stuff - so you not only look great but feel the same.

Europe's No. 1 branded cosmetics, with the motto of all activities for customers so they always bring customers satisfaction in the product.
One thing we all find great in essence is that you get a lot of fun for less money. Because you may be asking yourself, can it be good? Quality is a very important topic in essence to the buyer of the product because Essence always cares for this part

They produce with partners that we trust - mostly from Europe and test the entire production process for the final product.

Instead of an expensive model. They invest in developing high quality, innovative products - reliable and always trendy. With quality guides we understand unhappy. that must be strictly respected, as well as the requirements of the eu * cosmetics regulations. And that is also good, because writing & a. banning animal experiments. But there are more of course! So nature has created its own negative list. Important content has no chance here - even if they have been completely legal.

5. P2 Cosmetics

Pro beauty - this is the motto for collection new collection / winter from p2 cosmetics. The new line for professionalism brings the studio a direct sense of your home with your own makeup mirror. Beautiful girls also set new trends. The brilliant light in chrome looks at the lips and the eyes dominate in timidity and ensure appearance with wow effect. The surreal texture variety also provides results that can be seen. Beauty aesthetics easily touches the make-up concealer.

The girls tend to care about currently getting the Beautysalon straight. With the new line of professional cosmetics from p2 cosmetics, they evoke professional results that can be seen. To prepare your skin professionally, a basic beauty product with anti red effect is the right choice. The primer protects the moisture, the mask light makes the skin irregular, whitening and whitening the skin reliably.

6. Catrice Cosmetics

Catrice offers two beauty trends, which will not be missed this year, become a declared glance: Matt and Metals! There is almost no Red Carpet event where you can not find these charming and seductive lips - Matt Metallic's look can be made by hand.

Before applying lipstick or lipstick, lips need careful care to apply lipstick on lips. For a casual look, first apply Prime And Fine Lemon Essence and Essence. A gentle exfoliating lip while the lips are treated with apricot oil and shea butter. Then, remove excess product simply by polishing with a cosmetic scarf again.

The texture cream, shiny cream shine on the lips with silver metallic particles and offers a unique, individual look - the product is used more, the metal effect is stronger.
Son Catrice gives your lips a matte finish and lasts the durability of the lipstick without changing the color.


7. Alverde and Trend It Up Cosmetics

These are two natural cosmetics brands of DM, a famous German brand that specializes in providing premium quality products for the German market, but this is also a brand known by many Vietnamese people. to the most in terms of price quality and reliability.

This brand has a wide variety of care products from head to toe. But they are valued as the leading brand of natural cosmetics.



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    Son Gossamer Emotion đang có tới 30 màu khác nhau chia làm 3 nhóm chính: nude, đỏ và hồng. Đúng như từ "creamy" trong tên gọi, cây son này có chất son satin mịn mượt như bơ nhưng không bóng nhiều mà lại thiên lì. Chất son đặc biệt lướt trên môi vô cùng trơn tru nhưng lại lên màu rất chuẩn không thua kém những thỏi son lì hẳn là bao. Khả năng lên màu chuẩn kết hợp với chất son nhiều dưỡng khiến làn môi trở nên căng mọng, đầy đặn hơn và đây là một trong những điều khiến các tín đồ làm đẹp mê mệt KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick.

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