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Consequences of fake sonsticks

  • Nguyễn Thị Huyền
  • News
  • 13/09/2017

The consequences of false lipstick should be known.
Because of cheap bargain or lack of understanding that a small fraction of consumers harm themselves when consuming counterfeit cosmetics, lipstick imitation of brand names. That is reckless action. Sisters let Eva seriously say "no" with fake son, fake son, "dirty cosmetics".
Today's online business is growing, especially cosmetics and lipsticks are leading products. Sisters can easily have a lipstick at a very "cheap price" to buy from a sales page fanpage ... with very attractive sales words such as "Combined samples from 15k to 60k price, "30k", "40k", "35k", ... and many other shocks. Attractive, but attractive with these numbers, you should see it as a danger sign.

The strange thing is that these lipsticks with the price of 15k only bring with the famous brands such as Mac, Espoir .. It is unbelievable, although these brands are not so great sales can not be level Prices are only a few tens of thousands. But there are many people who comment on purchases, even tag friends to buy together.

Also with handmade son often unknown source, the price is quite cheap with only 50-200k, even the lipstick is sold only with 15k, 35k depending on the packaging design, materials. Handmade hand creams are sold by the seller for their natural origin, do not contain lead, and are safe for the wearer. However, the reality of the safety of these products is not verified, customers only buy with the words of the seller.

There are many cases of handmade lipstick with rash after many days of use. These lipsticks are undoubtedly of poor quality due to the absence of preservative ingredients, made of fat and colorants and catalysts. That also causes many people with allergies, dark circles, rash and health effects due to the use of "homemade" lipsticks.

Fake cosmetics contain toxic components such as corticosteroids, parabens, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, synthetic flavors, synthetic dyes ... causing serious damage to the skin such as haemorrhaging, allergic or dangerous. Causes other organs in the body when you are right.

For profit, the sellers, despite the consequences, take advantage of the psychological well-being of a small group of consumers who sell "dead lipsticks" to women.

What is the consequence of the sonogram?

Make-up may not be needed, but every time you go down the street, women and girls need to be beautiful all the time and just a little lipstick for the face is fresh confidence. However, if the lipstick is fake goods, the consequences are extremely harmful.

The cases of severe allergy to counterfeit cosmetics, not of clear origin more and more. The skin is devastatingly devastated, the lip puffy face is fake due to allergy, allergy also spread to the face.



Signs to help you distinguish fake or real cosmetics

Become a smart consumer from this moment. It is not difficult to identify fake or genuine cosmetics when you know the following information:

Packaging: Counterfeit ink is smudged, lack of sharpness, lack of information about the product or box size and color slightly different than the real. You can search for images of real goods online for comparison.

Product cover: Counterfeit goods do a little bit different than the actual product shell. You may be careful about the smoothness of the exterior color, the fineness of the body of the product, and the certainty of holding it in your hand will usually be genuine.

Products: Counterfeit goods are often not only exquisite but the quality inside also far from real goods. Product colors may be dark, look poor. Cosmetics have a light aroma, some do not smell, while fake goods react with chemicals.

Logo, brand name: Counterfeiters often copy real products and change a bit, such as adding a few strokes, changing fonts, changing the size, adding names ... to avoid checking, checking. Review by the authorities.

Through this article, hope to wake up and help many women can stay away from counterfeit cosmetics to both beautiful and safe.

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