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5 familiar trends will continue to "feverishly" in 2017

  • Nguyễn Thị Huyền
  • News
  • 29/05/2015

The new year naturally has to go with the new trend. But not all old trends are outdated!

The coming 2017 will mean that fashion followers will have more new trends to test. However, that does not mean that all of what you have in 2016 will be all about "gardening", as the following five familiar trends are predicted to remain "feverish" in the next year. See what are the trends to make a wise decision before cleaning up the cabinet!

1. Sneaker

Up to this point, there are three green sneaker sneakers that dominate shoe shades of fashion followers. But in 2017 this item has not yet retired, but still will be a "nail" indispensable item in our set. To keep your sneakers up to 2017, just keep in mind a simple thing: the better. That means that the sneaker pair is really "scary", brilliant, fun will be preferred than neutral color sneaker.

2. Big ears

By 2017, the trend of slim, lightweight earrings will make room for the big ear and statement earrings. This will definitely be a super trendy and impressive highlight for your appearance, even if you have a simple map.

3. Plaid

Plaid designs are inherently unpopular, but 2017's striped trend will be a little more special. Let's forget about the slim, gentle, but F5 stripes for your wardrobe with items with large stripes and striking colors. This will definitely be the "gut" item of the girls who just love the subtle and want to look very personal.

4. Coats

Layering fans and fans of bohemian feminine styles are sure to be delighted to know that the long, slim waistcoat will continue on-trend in 2017. The great thing about this item is the mix. Jeans that mix well with the dress is pretty.

5. Sports Style

The trend of athleisure that dominates OOTD photos of Vietnamese youth in 2016 will be on the fashion map of 2017. So do not rush to "evacuate" items like cap, hoodie, striped trousers, joggers, etc.

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